Writing great songs but not being taken seriously by the music industry?

Maybe it’s your recordings.

Hire Cliff to produce broadcast quality recordings of your songs using
world-class studio vocalists and musicians.


Want to make sure you’re getting what you want?

Cliff’s studios use revolutionary streaming technology to broadcast your session to you
live and in full fidelity wherever you are in the world.

Watch as Cliff explains his long distance recording approach from his Nashville studio.

See the extended version of Cliff's interview.
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How It Works

As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection (which it seems you have),
you can participate in the recording of your songs without having to travel to do it.

Step 1


Connect to our studio from your home computer.

Step 2


Listen live and in full-fidelity as our A-list session musicians and singers record your song.

Step 3


Participate via voice and instant message as Cliff produces your session and brings your musical vision to life.

Step 4


After Cliff mixes your song, you’ll receive a broadcast-quality recording of your song that you can feel confident pitching at the highest levels of the music industry.

Music & Testimonials

My job is transforming my clients’ rough recordings into world-class recordings. I love my job.

Click on the dropdown menu to hear actual before/after examples out clients' demos

Amber Benson

Dallas, TX

"Cliff’s knowledge of the business of songwriting, no-nonsense production expertise and innovative use of technology make it possible for me translate what I hear in my head in Dallas, TX to great-sounding demos. I highly recommend Cliff Goldmacher to any songwriter who is just starting the demo process—your dream of being a songwriter will never sound better."

(Rough Recording)
(Studio Demo)

Peter Bartula

Rochester, NY

"I had a vision of what I wanted my song to sound like and from the moment I started working with Cliff and his team, I knew they could achieve it. They were they top notch, very professional and easy to work with. Of all of the producers that I’ve encountered, Cliff is the best. I’m happy to say that my vision is now a reality and the songs he produced are better than even I expected."

Party Till Daylight
(Rough Recording)
Party Till Daylight
(Studio Demo)

Jay Ottaway

Boston, MA/Germany

"I have been a client of Cliff’s for over fifteen years from remote locations including Boston, Massachussetts and Cologne, Germany. Cliff uses top-notch musicians and the best equipment money can buy. If you need a professional sounding demo with the best musicians in the world, then you should use Cliff and his studio team."

Does She Make You Laugh
(Rough Recording)
Does She Make You Laugh
(Studio Demo)

Inez Lasso

Napa, CA

"What a wonderful time I had today. The session was so much fun. More than I ever could have expected."

It’s Over
(Rough Recording)
It’s Over
(Studio Demo)

M.E. Morganteen

New York, NY

"Cliff ALWAYS seem to hear exactly what’s going on inside my head."

Nothing Left
(Rough Recording)
Nothing Left
(Studio Demo)

Andrew Griffith


"Thanks for all your work. It’s been a great experience."

(Rough Recording)
(Studio Demo)

Pamela Bilodeau

Port Orchard, WA

"This was a lot of fun. The listening in was super cool and how wonderful that is built in to your process. Having a group of industry pros treating my creative work with integrity was nothing short of fabulous. Your attention to the details of the song, Cliff, is outstanding—you have an excellent ear and your input throughout made a positive difference on the results. It was so fun to listen to it unfold. I felt taken care of and just had a good time listening. "

I'll Call You Baby
(Rough Recording)
I'll Call You Baby
(Studio Demo)


We work with A-list musicians and singers across multiple genres including country, pop, rock and jazz. This is a big part of the reason Cliff’s clients’ recordings have gone on to industry success.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that on your recording you could have the Grammy-winning guitarist from Bonnie Raitt’s band, the Academy of Country Music’s bass player of the year, Taylor Swift’s drummer and Kelly Clarkson’s keyboard player.

Many of the singers we use (Gretchen Wilson, Jimmy Wayne and Chris Barron [lead singer for the Spin Doctors] to name a few) have gone on to major label careers themselves.

Click on the dropdown menus below to hear singer examples and read the players’ credits.

Male Vocalists

Female Vocalists



Pedal Steel

  • Mike Daly - Kid Rock, Lana Del Rey, Alanis Morissette, Jason Mraz
  • Steve Hinson - Kenny Chesney, Dolly Parton, Luke Bryan, Josh Turner
  • Russ Pahl - Rascal Flatts, Vince Gill, Jeff Bridges


  • Jim Hoke - Mark Knopfler, Alan Jackson
  • Sam Levine - Lynyrd Skynyrd, Vince Gill, Mel Torme



Piano/Hammond Organ


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