With a catalog of over 1,000 songs, Cliff writes with and for artists across multiple genres. Cliff has written a #1 single on the jazz charts, a song on a GRAMMY-winning album and multiple songs featured in major movie releases and national advertising campaigns.

Ok. That song is so stunning I could die. I love it and would so love to sing it! I just love the lyric, too. So beautiful…and totally my exact vibe.

Jane Monheit

GRAMMY-nominated jazz vocalist referring to “Only Smoke,” Cliff’s co-write with composer, Larry Goldings.

Listen to the original demo below.

Only Smoke

The Songs

Cliff’s songs have been cut by artists in genres as diverse as country, pop, jazz and classical crossover.

Till You Come To Me

Click below to hear jazz artist, Spencer Day sing his co-write with Cliff, entitled “Till You Come to Me.” This song went to #1 on the jazz charts."

Between Us

Click below to hear Americana artist, Mindy Smith, sing her co-write with Cliff’s entitled “Between Us.” This song is not yet officially released."

Cut The Deck

Click below to hear Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart, performing “Cut The Deck,” his co-write with Cliff & Robert Hunter."

The Light Inside of You

Click below to hear Cliff’s co-write with Jeff Cohen, “The Light Inside of You,” performed by Irish tenor Ronan Tynan with London’s Royal Philharmonic."

Cliff’s songs have been used in national ad campaigns as well as in feature films and on NPR’s “This American Life.”

Table for Two

Click below to hear “Table for Two,” Cliff’s co-write with Jeff Cohen and the artist, Heather Rigdon, which appears in the feature film, “Trust the Man” starring Julianne Moore and David Duchovny."

Christmas With You

Click below to hear “Christmas With You,” Cliff’s co-write with Joel Evans which appears in the major motion picture “Sleeping With Other People” starring Jason Sudeikis, Adam Scott & Amanda Peet."

Fuze Beverage

Click below to see the Fuze Beverage national cinema spot using Cliff’s co-write with Juan Patino."



with N. Phillips

"Coco Chanel"

with A. Fox

"She Gets Me"

with B. Jones


"Five Dollar Umbrella"

with L. Loeb

"Story of Love"

with J. Edwards

"Set Me Free"

with J. Patino


"Pretty Good Waste of Time"

with J. Ragsdale

"Gone Dreaming"

with S. Austin & W. Rambeaux

"The Man I Used to Be"

with J. Middleton


"Come Spend Christmas with Me"

with L. Goldings"

"Something Wicked This Way Comes"

with S. Day & M. Burrows"

"Good To Be Queen"

with Ke$ha"