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I’m Cliff Goldmacher. I’m a songwriter, music producer and educator. I help songwriters - and even business people - put their best career foot forward with my workshops, video courses and by turning their songs into broadcast-quality, pitch-ready gems.


Get to know Cliff: a multi-instrumentalist, chart-topping songwriter, tri-coastal producer and voted “friendliest” by his high school senior class.


Access on-demand, practical songwriting and music biz instruction from one of the industry’s most in-demand teachers.


Have Cliff produce stunning recordings of your songs while streaming the session to you “live” and in full fidelity.

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Let’s be honest. Meetings are better with a guitar. Let Cliff take your next off-site, team-building exercise or conference keynote all the way to 11.

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All Good Things…

Whelp… After over 150 posts on songwriting, studio work and the music business, I’ve decided to step away from my blog to purse new avenues for my songwriting and teaching. That being said, I’ve worked very hard to make sure that most, if not all, of these posts have what they call “evergreen” information. This
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To Stream Or Not To Stream

Thanks to Shannon O’Keefe at and author, Leslie Cook,  for this thoughtful article… For singers and songwriters looking to break into the music scene, online streaming services have become one of the main ways of getting their product before a wider audience. Being able to present your music to a larger number of people
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My Favorite FAQs about The Music...

Teaching songwriting and music business workshops over the past fifteen years, I’ve observed that there’s a “greatest hits” of questions that I get over and over again from my attendees. I thought it might be helpful to give you not only those questions to think about but also my answers. I’ve broken it down into
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