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I’m Cliff Goldmacher. I’m a songwriter, music producer and educator. I help songwriters - and even business people - put their best career foot forward with my workshops, video courses and by turning their songs into broadcast-quality, pitch-ready gems.


Get to know Cliff: a multi-instrumentalist, chart-topping songwriter, tri-coastal producer and voted “friendliest” by his high school senior class.


Access on-demand, practical songwriting and music biz instruction from one of the industry’s most in-demand teachers.


Have Cliff produce stunning recordings of your songs while streaming the session to you “live” and in full fidelity.

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Let’s be honest. Meetings are better with a guitar. Let Cliff take your next off-site, team-building exercise or conference keynote all the way to 11.

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Five Ways To Handle A Negative...

Writing songs is a solitary exercise and, early on, it’s hard to have a sense as to whether or not your songs are working. Song critiques by either your musical peers or industry professionals can be a great way to gain additional insight into how your songs are coming across. The blessing and the curse
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The Right Ways Songwriters Can Ask...

Sooner or later we all need help in our songwriting careers. Generally, the earlier you are in your journey, the more help you’ll need but I’m twenty-five years in and still need a hand from time to time. The key is not in avoiding help but, rather, in knowing how to ask for help and
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The Value of Songwriting Organizations

In almost all instances, we begin songwriting as a solitary pursuit fueled by some mystical combination of inspiration and necessity. And while important, the solitary nature of the work can also leave us hungry for a connection for both ourselves and our songs. It’s these relationships that help us grow and mature as writers and
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