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I’m Cliff Goldmacher. I’m a songwriter, music producer and educator. But really, I’m sort of a song therapist. I help aspiring songwriters, performers – and even business people – connect to their creativity with confidence.


Get to know Cliff: a multi-instrumentalist, chart-topping songwriter, tri-coastal producer and voted “friendliest” by his high school senior class.


Access on-demand, practical songwriting and music biz instruction from one of the industry’s most in-demand teachers.


Find out how Cliff’s studios can broadcast your session to you “live” and in full fidelity with session streaming technology.

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Let’s be honest. Meetings are better with a guitar. Let Cliff take your next off-site, team-building exercise or conference keynote all the way to 11.

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Five Ways to Find Songwriting Collaborators

So let’s say you’re a lyricist  who has lots of great song ideas but no melodies to hang them on. Or, let’s say, you’re an experienced musician and vocalist but can’t imagine putting words to any of your melodies. Songwriting collaboration in these – and many other – instances can be the ideal solution. The
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Some Things Songwriters Shouldn’t Be Scared...

I’d like to introduce you to Julliard trained composer, conductor, string arranger and music publisher, Dan Coleman. Dan is the co-founder of Modern Works Music Publishing which he started in 1999. Dan has also spoken on music publishing and copyright matters for BMI, Harvard and MIT among others. His commentary below is well worth your
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Five Ways Songwriters Can Avoid Writer’s...

Songwriting – like any art – requires at least a certain amount of inspiration. However, the more you write the more often inspiration isn’t as available as you’d like it to be. Occasionally, inspiration can appear to run completely dry. When you find yourself heading toward or already in that situation, there are multiple ways
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