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I’m Cliff Goldmacher. I’m a songwriter, music producer and educator. But really, I’m sort of a song therapist. I help aspiring songwriters, performers – and even business people – connect to their creativity with confidence.


Get to know Cliff: a multi-instrumentalist, chart-topping songwriter, tri-coastal producer and voted “friendliest” by his high school senior class.


Access on-demand, practical songwriting and music biz instruction from one of the industry’s most in-demand teachers.


Find out how Cliff’s studios can broadcast your session to you “live” and in full fidelity with session streaming technology.

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Let’s be honest. Meetings are better with a guitar. Let Cliff take your next off-site, team-building exercise or conference keynote all the way to 11.

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Five Questions Songwriters Can Ask Themselves...

When most of us start out writing songs, it’s pretty difficult for us to know when a song is officially finished. The more songs you write and the better you know your own process, the easier this will become. That being said, here are some things you can do right away to help you know
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You Want Synchs?!? Watch TV!!!

Senior Vice President of Music Placement and Licensing at Razor & Tie, Brooke Primont, has some super simple, no nonsense advice for songwriters hoping to place their songs in film and TV. Brooke oversees the licensing department, working on music placements of Razor & Tie recording artists and music publishing writers and composers in television,
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Five Major Email Mistakes Songwriters Should...

Let me begin by saying that my intention in writing this article is to help you avoid some of the mistakes I unwittingly made early in my songwriting career. The kinds of mistakes I’m talking about are not done maliciously as much as they are a result of an unthinking set of behaviors based on
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